Catholic Heritage Curricula Lesson Plans: Third Grade - Supplements

Book cover: 'Catholic Heritage Curricula Lesson Plans: Third Grade - Supplements'
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The supplements are carefully woven into the third grade lesson assignments, but for those who prefer not to use the lesson plans the supplements alone could easily be used for enrichment and would make purchasing the plans worthwhile. For example the book report supplements contain clear guidelines for helping young students write book reports, a checklist to help the student in their efforts, creative ideas for written reports or oral reports and hands-on project reporting. There are over 20 beautifully illustrated forms to be used for writing the reports or keeping track of books that have been read. These are not the normal squares and circle forms on the market, but are ruled pages containing illustrated borders depicting Victorian, Catholic and nature scene which would appeal to the eyes of both children and adults. Book report books comparable in length sell for about $6.99.

In addition to the book report supplement, the plans include a series of reading comprehension pages. Once again the pages are visually attractive to the student and they focus on questions designed to encourage beginning literary analysis as well as the usual comprehension type questions. These pages are based on three outstanding books: Catholic Tales for Boys and Girls, More Catholic Tales for Boys and Girls, The Little Apostle on Crutches. Almost 50 pages in length, this supplement is comparable to workbooks that sell for about $8.99 with the added feature that they are Catholic and clever in their design.

"At the Feet of Mary: Holy Rosary Project." is the most beautiful introduction to the rosary that I have seen. It is designed as a hands-on project to bring the faith to life. Each week the child focuses on a different mystery through discussion, readings from a lovely description of a child's trip to shrines, the coloring of gorgeous illustrations that form part of a prayer book and meditations that are clearly explained. The prayer book that the child makes includes illustrations that will touch the heart of a child because they depict the Mysteries as seen through the eyes of a child. At the end of this 5 week project the child has produced a gorgeous prayer book. This supplement is 65 pages long and nothing on the market even remotely compares to the depth and beauty found in this project, but books on meditating, understanding the rosary and illustrations on the rosary combined would stand at about $15.95.

The fourth supplement focuses on geography and is entitled "Tour a Country." It includes both a general plan for the study of any country, as well as nine sets of four week plans for studying specific countries. (i.e., 36 week course covering nine specific countries.) The instructions are easy to follow and have a Catholic world view. The pages themselves are beautifully illustrated and the activity pages are sure to please the children. We have been using a "Countries of the World" activity book that cost $15.99, but will be switching to the "Tour a Country" supplement as the activities are more interesting and the study approach is more focused and logical as well as Catholic.

Finally, there are: monthly planners and certificates which could be used for any grade or program; thirty pages devoted to the teaching of third grade which answers home schooling questions as well as teaching independence; a dozen pages of memory gems and how to use them; illustrated chore and virtue charts Similar books covering home schooling helps, charts and poetry together would cost at least $12.99 If one were to buy books that covered the material contained in each of the four supplements the cost would be over $50.00 but the books wouldn't be Catholic in approach or presented in a way that allows the home school mother to efficiently teach the subject. For the family that home schools using material other then those published by CHC it is clear that the supplements alone make the plans well worth the price. You won't be disappointed. (365 pages of lesson plans and supplements cost $38.95 from CHC)

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