Sewing with Saint Anne

A Sewing Book for Catholic Girls
Book cover: 'Sewing with Saint Anne: A Sewing Book for Catholic Girls'
Alice M. Cantrell
Catholic Heritage Curricula
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110 pages

Today's young women can benefit in many ways from the lessons learned whilst sewing. Among them are the genuine self-esteem gained by completing a challenging task, patience both with oneself and with the project at hand, and quiet perseverance with a task that takes longer than expected. Sewing with Saint Anne is a delightful book that organizes and simplifies the steps needed to learn how to sew. The majority of the projects would appeal to a young lady from about age six onward if she had help, or from about age ten with just a little help. Many happy, productive hours can be spent by a mother and her daughter(s) or a group of young ladies and their teacher learning this useful, lifelong skill.

Sewing with Saint Anne is divided into three main sections: the lessons, Homemaking Projects, and Gift Projects. The lessons and projects are intermixed with interesting historical notes and quaint illustrations. There are twelve lessons that will be repeated any number of times as various projects are completed. The lessons begin with the basics of threading a needle and sewing a seam, continue with basting and hemming, and finish with the more difficult skills of gathering and embroidery. All but one of the lessons can be completed without the use of a sewing machine, although one may certainly be used; the final lesson is about sewing machines.

The sixteen projects are grouped into Homemaking Projects and Gift Projects, and patterns are included for each one. Permission is granted to photocopy the patterns for the purchaser's family only. Homemaking Projects are at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels and include a pincushion, a hand towel, a napkin, an altar cloth, and a lap quilt among others. Gift Projects are either for beginning or intermediate students; these include a hair scrunchie, a baby bib, a gift bag, and four others. Instructions for each project are clear and easy to follow with step-by-step guidance and profuse, uncluttered hand-drawn illustrations.

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