My Catholic Speller (Level E)

Book cover: 'My Catholic Speller (Level E)'
Nancy Nicholson
For Little Folks Press
My Catholic Speller
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72 pages

Level E is the 5th-6th grade text in this series, providing 34 weeks of spelling lessons with quarterly reviews. The book is now bound with a lay-flat spiral binding, making it easier for the student to write in the book. Spaces for the student's work include a dashed middle line, allowing for handwriting practice---an important and overlooked element in teaching spelling. The particular copy of the text that I have is printed on a smooth, erasable, bright-white paper, but there is some show-through of the ink from the printing on the other side of the paper. I find it distracting, but my son hasn't been bothered by it.

The list words for the first 15 weeks are grouped by phonogram, while the next 15 weeks' lists concentrate on prefixes and suffixes. The final lessons teach homonyms and some Greek and Latin roots. Week 3 includes these words: muscle, scissors, grasp, genuflect, and produce. Week 14 includes these words: parachute, clutch, ancient, gesture, and challenge. Week 25 includes these words: beautify, devotee, stigmatist, volunteer, and author. Week 33 (the final lesson with new words) includes these words: precede, construct, vocation, structure, and recess. Exercises for each lesson include dictionary work, alphabetization, synonym and antonym practice, and some puzzles. This text, in contrast to many other series, emphasizes the meanings of the list words and their usage in sentences.

A unique feature of this series of spelling texts is the apologetics quote for each lesson that incorporates at least one of the list words. This grade level uses quotations from the early Church fathers, many of which I found very difficult! These quotations provide an excellent source for copywork and handwriting practice. Includes teaching suggestions and a full answer key bound into the back.

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