The Seven Silly Eaters

Mary Ann Hoberman
Marla Freeze
Browndeer Press, Harcourt Brace & Co.
Sewn Hardcover
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The Seven Silly Eaters by Mary Ann Hoberman is neither a Catholic book, nor does it tell of a saint--it is not even around a religious theme. And yet, it is an all-time favorite in this seven-children Catholic family! The book tells about a family that grows and grows... almost every time we turn the page there is a new baby! The fact that they are silly--or fussy--eaters, which our kids have never been, matters little to us. The illustrations are absolutely captivating and darling, and the rhymes are known by all the kids, who can recite the book from cover to cover. The details of family life, the messy rooms, the bunk beds... and trees outside that grow as the babies arrive and the kids grow! The boy-girl-boy order of their kids is the same as in our family which has delighted the kids all of these years.

I find in The Seven Silly Eaters a strong pro-life, pro large-family book as each child is so openly welcomed even if they don't seem to have much apparent affluent power. If you have never read and enjoyed the illustrations of The Seven Silly eaters, give it a try!

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