Amazing Saints

Amazing Stories of Catholic Saints
Mario D Macari
Mario D. Macari
Stapled Softcover
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32 pages
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Our local Catholic Archdiocesan paper has a wonderful kids' section. The first thing my kids do when the Catholic Herald (Milwaukee, Wisconsin Archdiocese) comes is to go to the kids’ section. There they fill out the word games, puzzles, and read the saint story.

Now the creator of “Amazing Saints” has produced his own saint book, Amazing SaintsVolume 1, highlighting 27 saints. Covering an eclectic mix of saints from the unknown to the familiar, St. Joseph to Bl. Karl Leisner, each biography is a short page.

Packed with information, each fascinating saint story holds the reader’s interest. I love this intro to St. Francis. “St. Francis of Assisi is often pictured at peace, surrounded by animals and enjoying nature. But his early life was far from peaceful.”

Since the illustrations are cartoons and the summaries short, this kid-friendly layout will appeal to those who otherwise might not be interested in reading about the saints. At the same time, Macari does not dumb down the stories or pretend everything is happy-happy.

If you are looking for a fun alternative, that packs a punch (giving even adults something to think about), and that is short and sweet, then Amazing Saints fits the bill. Even children too young to read would enjoy listening to the stories and looking at the illustrations.

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