How Much Can a Bare Bear Bear?

What are Homonyms and Homophones?
Brian P. Cleary
Brian Gable
Millbrook Press
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32 pages
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Do you know what homonyms and homophones are? If not, this book will certainly help you understand them. With clever writing and silly cartoon illustrations (and a somewhat obnoxious typeface), they give many clever and memorable examples of each.

Here's a small sampling of text from each of the two segments:

Homonyms are words that sound and also look alike.

But they have different meanings, as in "Can you pass that can, Mike?"

Or "May I sail with you in May and coast along the coast?


Now, some words sound identical but are spelled in different way.

These words are known as homophones.

Like praise and preys and prays.

Though homophones have matching sounds, their meanings aren't the same.

And there isn't any question, they're as fun as any game.

The homonym and homophone pairs are highlighted in matching colors to make it easy to identify each set.

On the whole, we found this book both entertaining and helpful.

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