My First Missal

Pauline Books
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48 pages
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The My First Missal is a wonderful, purse- or pocket-sized missal to carry with you to Church. And don't be fooled by the title. Whenever I see "my first", I think of little children and lots of pictures. This missal has lots going for it and would be suitable for children who have already received their First Communion and First Reconciliation. The text is not babyish or overly simplified.

In the space of 48 pages, this booklet has the complete novus ordo Mass (with one line explanations scattered throughout for further clarification and edification). The book goes further, explaining (and encouraging) other visits to Church -- for visiting the Blessed Sacrament, for morning or evening prayers, for praying Stations of the Cross and for celebrating the Sacrament of Reconciliation. There is a very nice "examination of conscience" with prayers to help make a good confession and prayers to offer in thanksgiving after receiving this wonderful Sacrament.

Illustrations, although at a minimum, are nicely done water-colors. They don't distract or detract from the text. For $3.95, this little booklet is a nice accompaniment for Church.

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