William Shakespeare and the Globe

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Harper Collins
Sewn Hardcover
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48 pages

This is a simply told and heavily illustrated biography of the great William Shakespeare and the theatre in which his plays were first performed. The details of the illustrations and the story are quite nice and even the story of the Globe is more interesting than one might expect. At one point it was disassembled and secretly moved to a new location under cover of darkness. After Shakespeare's death, the Puritans closed theatres such a the Globe and there its story would end except for a 20th century Shakespeare lover who started the major project of rebuilding the globe as authentically as possible (with the exception of sprinklers in the thatched roof!). This book is really an interesting history book covering other major figures of Shakespeare's day (including, unfortunately, Queen Elizabeth I). The pictures include small figures of characters from Shakespeare's plays. These could be reproduced with a color photo-copy to make little finger-puppets for your little ones to reenact their own Shakespearean dramas. That might be fun especially if they enjoy some of the children's versions of the Shakespeare stories such as Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare for Children by Edith Nesbit.

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