Mary Daly

Photo of Mary & Mike

My name is Mary Daly. This is a common name, because all the Irish families in the world, for several hundreds of years, have named their daughters, and even sometimes their sons, after our Lady. When I was in a Catholic high school, I was once in a math class with 12 students, five of whom were named Mary. Although the name is slightly less common now, it is a fashion not likely to die while Jesus lives.

Among the innumerable host of Mary Dalys, there is one writer of enviable competence and considerable fame who has a poor reputation among orthodox Catholics. It has been suggested that I alter my own name so as not to be confused with her.

What? Can I leave her the first claim to a name that represents both the Emerald Isle and the Queen of Angels? With your help, I would rather redeem it.

I live in South Dakota in the house where I have raised five children over the last 30 years or so, meantime sending a few little ones on, and where I have also undertaken to submit my small part towards cultural renewal, first by writing books about sentence diagrams so people can think more clearly, and then by writing the science texts I always wanted while I was teaching my own children. I have several other books in various stages of completion, and have also published some of the writings of my immediate family, on poetry and science both.

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