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Architecture for Kids

A companion site to an architecture unit study published in Heart and Mind, Spring 2007.

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Homeschool Stories

A collection of homeschool stories and ideas contributed by homeschooling families.

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Love2learn at the Movies

An informal forum for Catholic parents to share reviews, lists, queries, etc. about worthwhile movies for children. Please pay careful attention to age/maturity recommendations!

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Love2learn Moments

One minute spots on Catholic radio about homeschooling, education and family life. As heard on Relevant Radio.

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Reading Your Way Through History

Presents an extensive timeline of worthwhile history reading.

Unity of Truth
is a science and math blog for Catholic families.

This blog is dedicated to discussing the issues of faith and science from the perspective of a complete confidence that truth is one and that any seeming contradiction can be resolved by a little patience and perseverance in study. The issues of creation, evolution, and "the Flood" as related to cosmology, biology, and geology are the obvious issues of our time. In addition, the fundamental awareness of beauty and order within the universe will be our topics, and we invite your own comments and insights.

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