The Chronicles of Narnia

C.S. Lewis
Chronicles of Narnia
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This set of seven books has been a children's classic for decades (and will soon be released as major motion pictures). The action is focused on a small group of children from our own world (Sons of Adam and Daughters of Eve) who are drawn into the activities of a whole separate world - Narnia. The activity extends from our own world, to Narnia, it's neighboring countries, and even other worlds still. Though it is not strictly a parallel to our own world the author ends up showing us a creation-to-apocalypse view of this other world - and in so doing reveals much about the themes that are seen in our own. By seeing another creation (which is not JUST like our own) we are taken out our own mindset and can understand the motives and the majesty of what it must have been like. Most things in Narnia are just enough different to make us think - but still so full of human nature (ironically even in the talking animals of that world) that it is a fascinating exercise for your mind. Discussions of the events and motivations with your children are like a multitude of grapes ripe on the vine - pick ones here and there - you will never finish them all; even in a dozen readings (like honor, duty, charity, worship etc.). The characters are well developed but not hard to understand. In fact, sometimes the fact that a character is such and such an animal is itself revealing! This is a good fantasy story. And it is interesting enough for you and your children to read, discuss and enjoy together.

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