Up Periscope

Robb White
Scholastic Books
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220 pages

Robb White brings us an exciting historical fiction tale of life aboard a military submarine in the Pacific in World War II. Someone's been transmitting top-secret plans from the American base in Hawaii to Tokyo. The Americans have learned that transmissions are being sent from Hawaii to an island in the mid-Pacific and from there to Japan. They believe they've located the island where the transmissions are being passed along, but have been unable to break the special code being used there. Ken Braden, a lieutenant in the naval reserves, is commissioned to fulfil the dangerous and highly secretive mission to covertly land on this island and steal the code.

This dramatic story gives an accurate picture of the thrills, frustrations and dangers of life aboard a submarine. Some interesting details of military history regarding conflicts between the Japanese navy and U.S. submarines help readers understand the importance of withholding information from the enemy during wartime (especially for members of the media!). The story gets pretty intense towards the end and would be best for ages 12 or 13 and up. Although the book is currently out-of-print, Scholastic paperbacks like this tend to show up frequently at rummage sales, used book stores and used sources on the Internet such as eBay.

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Copyrights 1956/1960

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