Saint Thomas Aquinas

Raissa Maritain
Sophia Institute Press
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128 pages
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Despite its humble appearance, this biography of Saint Thomas Aquinas is a real gem. The story is told as a real story should be told, full of miracles and detail without becoming preachy, yet it is simple enough for the children it was written to instruct. The rich vocabulary hints at an original copyright in the early 1900s and may be challenging to a young independent reader. You may wish to read this book aloud to the under-8s or beside an 8-9-year-old to be sure of comprehension. The short chapters allow for frequent pauses and discussion of the spiritual truths encountered, and the black-and-white line drawings are tempting to our young colorists. Many of the elegantly written passages are perfectly suited for copywork.

The book begins with an introduction to Saint Thomas Aquinas that tells of his unique titles in the Church and his gifts of wisdom and learning. We learn of his childhood and his studies, his captivity and his nickname, the Dumb Ox, and of his beautiful hymns for the feast of Corpus Christi and Benediction. We read about the many miracles and holy favors enjoyed by the Saint and learn from examples of his spiritual gifts of charity, humility, and intelligence. Finally, we hear about his holy death, canonization, and the institution of his feast day. Our young students will be encouraged to pray to this great Doctor of the Church and be inspired to work hard at their studies in imitation of him.

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