The Door in the Wall

Book cover: 'The Door in the Wall'
Marguerite de Angeli
Dell Yearling Edition
Number of pages: 
121 pages
Grade / Age level: 

The Door in the Wall is set in England in the 1300's. It tells the story of a young boy who survived the plague. The main character is Robin de Beureford, the son of a nobleman. Robin is suddenly stricken with an illness that cripples him. After the servants leave, fearing the plague, Robin is taken to the monastery of St. Mark's by a kindly monk who heard of his plight.

Robin is taught how to read and write, woodcarving, and how to swim at the monastery, but is very disappointed that he cannot become a knight. Who would want a knight who is unable to ride a horse and can only walk with the help of crutches? Robin is finally taken to Sir Peter's castle at Lindsay, where he was to have served as a page and then a knight. He is taken into Sir Peter's service. The castle is soon besieged by the Welsh, and the food and water is slowly diminishing. Robin has an idea of how to save the castle, but can he get out of the castle and obtain the assistance of Sir Fitzhugh in time? Will Sir Fitzhugh help him?

The Door in the Wall gives you a good idea of what life in the Middle Ages was like for a young boy. It has beautiful black and white drawings that show you some of the Medieval styles of clothing. I think that this book would be good for children in grades 4 to 7. My only complaint was that I found the plot slow-moving. I would recommend this as an addition to your study of the Middle Ages.

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