The Golden Goblet

Book cover: 'The Golden Goblet'
Eloise Jarvis McGraw
Puffin Newbery Library
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248 pages
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The Golden Goblet is a story set in Ancient Egypt, of a young boy, Ranofer, who dreams of becoming a goldsmith like his father before him. Unfortunately, now that his father is dead, Ranofer lives with his horrible half-brother, Gebu, who has no love for his young charge, keeps him undernourished and beats him whenever he's in a bad mood. In the course of struggling with these things, Ranofer and his two loyal friends get caught up a in a mystery that leads from the revered tombs of the dead all the way to the Pharaoh's palace. The story is very exciting, the villains very evil and it will definitely be hard to put this book down. While getting wrapped up in the story, the reader will begin to understand how seriously and reverently the Ancient Egyptians treated the dead and how their strong beliefs in the supernatural and in the after life caused their preparations for death to play a major role in their culture. (Suitable for Mid to Upper Grade School)

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