Astronomy for Every Kid

Book cover: 'Astronomy for Every Kid'
Janice Van Cleave
John Wiley and Sons
Number of pages: 
229 pages
Grade / Age level: 

Subtitled "101 Easy Experiments that Really Work", this book is one in a series that is very popular with homeschoolers (and understandably so). The book covers seven major topics - Planets, Space Movement, The Sun, The Moon, The Stars, Space Instruments and Space/Space Travel. Each experiment uses simple experiments and explains (briefly) the purpose, the procedure, the expected result and a brief but very understandable explanation of why it happened. Black and white sketches illustrate each experiment as well. To give you an idea of the kind of material that is covered, here are a few of the experiment descriptions/purposes (out of 101 total) - "To determine how color affects a planet's surface temperature", "To demonstrate a method of proving that the Earth rotates", "To determine why planets move smoothly around the Sun", "To simulate aimng a spacecraft for the Moon", "To determine why stars appear to rotate", "To determine why radio wave receivers are curved". I found the "why" segments of each experiment helpful background reading for me to brush up on my science knowledge.

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