Cat. Chat: The Catholic Audio Show For Kids Vol. 3

Book cover: 'Cat. Chat: The Catholic Audio Show For Kids Vol. 3'
Luminous Media

Vol. 3: Amazing Angels and Super Saints
It's time to have a party! A saints and angels party. In this volume, the family - Papa, Josh, and Hannah - hosts an All Saints' Party for the kids and their friends. The format is the same as the other two volumes. Moses, the family cat, introduces the audio show with commentary in the middle and at the end, the family has discussions about the faith to lead the children to a greater understanding of the Catholic truths of the faith, the dialogue is interspersed with lively, contemporary songs, and the evening's entertainment closes with a prayer. To spice up the program with a little variety, a new character, Rocko - "the coolest dog in town" (who likes to banter with Moses) - joins the cast.

Just as in a real Saints' Day party, the children take turns on stage, dressed in costume, giving presentations of various saints and angels, including St. Michael, St. Therese, a Guardian angel, St. Dominic Savio, St. Francis of Assisi, and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton. Dressed as St. Joseph, Papa also gives a presentation. With all new foot-tapping songs your children will love to sing, sound effects with pizzazz, and interesting stories to encourage them to live more like Jesus, this CD is sure to be a hit.

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