First Confession

Book cover: 'First Confession'
Our Lady's Catechists / C.W.L.
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24 pages

Companion to First Communion from Our Lady's Catechists.

In twelve lessons, this little book teaches everything that an elementary-school-aged child needs to know to prepare for a holy First Confession. The text is written in the second person, for the teacher to read to the student, and assumes no exceptional degree of teaching experience. Most of the lessons use short stories to illustrate the point being made. A homeschooling parent can simply pick up the book, sit down with their student, and spend their lesson time comfortably and profitably.

Lessons describe what sin is, how sins are taken away, how to stir up contrition, how to tell our sins and make satisfaction for them, how to identify our sins, as well as how to avoid sin. Also included is the correct manner in which to confess and short prayers for before and after confession. The prayer pages are designed for the student to read and are printed in a larger font with a simpler vocabulary. The penultimate page is titled "Revision", but the more familiar American term is "Review". This page contains a complete review with answers that is more concise and direct than memorizing lengthy catechism questions. The inside back cover includes teaching notes for several of the lessons. In use for nearly fifty years, the information and teaching style of this book is timeless and applies equally well to our modern times. Charming full-color illustrations appear throughout the book.

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