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Good Night, Little Sea Otter

Book cover: 'Good Night, Little Sea Otter'
Janet Halfmann
Wish Williams

This sweet book is about Little Sea Otter saying good night to all sorts of ocean friends. While it makes a wonderful bedtime book, the illustrations deserve some time to be admired as you read through it. The story is straightforward, and yet contains enough tidbits to include it in an ocean study. The illustrations are full of color, bringing alive Little Sea Otter's story. You can preview the book at Star Bright Books: http://www.starbrightbooks.org/details.php?id=300

The Father Brown Reader II

G.K. Chesterton
adapted by Nancy Carpentier Brown
with Rose Decaen

Nancy Brown and Hillside Education have teamed up for a second volume of kid-friendly mysteries adapted from G.K. Chesterton's Fr. Brown mysteries. It's a little difficult to say what age these are appropriate for since, unlike the first volume, these are all based on murder-mystery stories, and sensitivities vary from child-to-child. My rough-and-tumble seven year old son loved them as a read-aloud, but the general subject matter is off-putting for my very sensitive thirteen year old daughter.

There are four stories in this volume:

Jesus of Nazareth, Holy Week

Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI has given us a gift of a second volume illuminating the events of the life of Christ. The first volume,Jesus of Nazareth: From the Baptism in the Jordan to the Transfiguration was reviewed here. Like the first volume, it is a book written for adults, but may be appropriate for group study among teenagers, provided that expectations regarding understanding are kept reasonable.

Through the Year with Mary

Karen Edmisten

I love quote books. I’ve probably got 10 or 12 different ones on my bookshelf. They’re lovely for browsing through, “chewing” on a little something (without getting overwhelmed by the whole) and have often lead to discovering new authors and new books of interest. They can be used for tidbits of inspiration to start the school day or for memory work.

The Reed of God

Caryll Houselander

Passing along to others the concept of such an incredibly personal and delicate matter as the value of suffering can be extremely difficult. It's so easy to come across as heavy-handed, trite or condescending - and many materials do! Here is it presented a loving and very gentle way by means of Our Lady. Mary brought Christ to the world through her faith, love and humility and we are called to do the same. Here are a few quotes to give you the flavor of it:

Tin Cups & Tinder

Alice Cantrell

Alice Cantrell’s newest book, Tin Cups & Tinder : A Catholic Boy’s Little Book of Fire, Food & Fun arrived the same day I was pondering ways to liven up my son’s education. While considering if we were called to homeschool my little boy, I had some serious concerns over whether I could provide enough enrichment for him, as my interests tend to be very domestic and feminine.

Saints and Their Stories

Maria Loretta Giraldo
Margaret Edward Moran
Nicoletta Bertelle

This is the translation of a lovely Italian book for children. I love the uniqueness of the style and illustrations. The stories are filled with anecdotes and details of the saints' lives not found in other books about saints for children. Truly a gem-- we will read it aloud during Religion this Fall. Do visit the Publisher's site as they have a neat flip-the-pages "look-inside" feature. http://www.pauline.org/SaintsandTheirStories/tabid/425/Default.aspx

Getting Started with Spanish

William E. Linney and Antonio Luis

This is very much the same method used in the author's other language book entitled Getting Started with Latin, which I also reviewed at http://www.love2learn.net/node/1793. Amazon reviews are consistently positive and this reviewer agrees. Lessons are presented at times in tiny digestible pieces, and build from there.

Saint Clare of Assisi

Marianne Lorraine Trouve, FSP
Mary Joseph Peterson, FSP

With warm, cute illustrations, and accessible language, the courageous story of Saint Clare comes alive in this little book! Young readers will be captivated by the story of a girl who gave up everything for the love of God! Her many miracles, her life in poverty, the love she had for Saint Francis and her sisters: it is all in there.

The Beautiful Story of Jesus

Maite Roche
Marianne Lorraine Trouve', FSP

This is the second book by the French author Maite Roche I review for Love2Learn. Her illustrations are simply wonderful: simple, colorful, kid-friendly, warm, adorable, and yet with plenty of detail! In this volume she is able to retell the life of Our Lord for children and readers will find there most of the important events of His life on this world. From the Annunciation to Pentecost, the text will lead the child to all of the highlights of Jesus' life. The main events of His life are there, and also the Sermon on the Mount, the Multiplication the Bread, and more.