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Christ and the Americas

Book cover: 'Christ and the Americas'
Anne W. Carroll
TAN Books and Publishers
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440 pages
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Christ and the Americas is a high school American history text by the same author as Christ the King, Lord of History It is difficult to describe in a paragraph or two a book that covers so much. The book is packed with stories and information about major aspects of American history, from the ancient civilizations of the Mayans, Aztecs and Incas, to post-Cold War America. Unlike many texts which dwell almost exclusively on the U.S., we learn about the conquests, explorations and revolutions of the countries of central and South America as well (although there isn't very much about Canada). The book includes major events and people in American history without neglecting the contributions of notable Catholics, and also without being a book exclusively about Catholics. Government policies and social concerns (such as slavery, abortion, immigration and government welfare programs) are addressed from a Catholic viewpoint and discussed in the context of contemporary papal encyclicals. On a practical note: World Wars I and II are addressed in this book from the viewpoint of the role the U.S. played in them. These sections are VERY informative, but will be better understood only after studying these time periods in a more in-depth fashion in a World history text such as Christ the King, Lord of History by the same author. Christ and the Americas is highly recommended for both teenagers and adults - it reads almost like a novel. Each chapter includes review questions and some project ideas. The text is not illustrated, except for maps where appropriate (and these are very helpful). Also includes a complete index.

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